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Форма обучения

form of training

  • Full-time
  • Remote
Язык обучения

language of instruction

  • Russian
  • Kazakh

qualification 4S04110102

  • "Accountant-cashier"


The specialty in the field of accounting gives students the opportunity to gain extensive economic knowledge on the formation and analysis of information necessary for any enterprise about assets, liabilities, capital, cash flows, income and expenses, financial results of the enterprise. Graduates of the profile are equally well versed in the following types of activities: accounting and analytical, control and auditing, auditing, consulting, organizational and management. After the successful completion of this module, students are in stable demand in the labor market, with good prospects for further professional and career growth.
What career opportunities will I get after finishing the program?
in accounting firms
financial organizations: tax authorities, insurance agencies, pension funds
banks, investment funds

our graduates work