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Форма обучения

form of training

  • Full-time
  • Remote
Срок обучения

duration of training

  • 9 кл- 3 г. 6 мес.
  • 11 gr. - 2 y. 6 m.
Язык обучения

language of instruction

  • Russian
  • Kazakh

qualification 4S07140905

  • "Technician of multimedia and digital systems"

Technician of multimedia and digital systems

This specialist understands all types of television and video equipment, knows cinema projection and sound reproducing equipment, gets the skills to work on a PC, camera skills and video editing using Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Fhotoshop, Edius. Field of activity: cinemas, television and video studios, audiovisual equipment repair enterprises. They also have the opportunity to work in recording and video production studios. Taking into account the development of the media sphere in the country, graduates often open private studios to create animation and video clips, as well as photo and video filming of events.
What career opportunities will I get after finishing the program?
on television as a studio technician-engineer, lighting operator, videography operator; video editing technician; TV equipment repair technician
in cinemas as an operator of film equipment, a technician for the repair of film projection equipment
in service centers as a specialist in the repair of electronic equipment
in organizations as a specialist in the installation of video surveillance equipment
in photo studios: shooting, printing, editing of photo and video products

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